Estimate the cost of bail with our Wagoner bail bond calculator. Some Wagoner bail bond companies make it a common practice to charge higher than average fees for their bail bond service. At Okie Bail Bonds, we believe that everyone should be treated fairly. That’s why we always state our fee upfront. There are never additional “surprise” bail fees or interest charges. Whether you pay the full fee upfront or need time to pay out part of the fee, our rate is always fair and without surprises.


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*What is our Lowest Price Promise? – Okie Bail  of Wagoner will match any quote for bail in Wagoner or northeast Oklahoma. It’s that simple. For the lowest price bail, contact our friendly Wagoner bondsman today.. 

Read this helpful article and find out more about how bail bonds amounts are determined. How is bail calculated?

Okie Bail offers a guaranteed Lowest Price Promise. Our Wagoner bail bond calculator is used to estimate your bail. If you think you’ve found a lower premium for your Wagoner bail bond, call Jessica Coffelt. Our company will match any bail bond quote in Oklahoma. On top of that, we ALWAYS provide the absolute best bail bond service.

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*Okie Bail Bonds “Lowest Price Promise” means we will guarantee the best quote for any bond no matter the size. Normal bond conditions still apply. Our Wagoner bail bond calculator is for estimating an expected premium. Contact us directly for a specific quote.