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We’re OPEN! Okie Bail is always available and we want to be your choice for Wagoner Bail Bonds. Our Owner and Bondsman, Jessica Coffelt can help. We also provide bail bonds in Muskogee, Tahlequah and throughout Northeast Oklahoma.

What makes Okie Bail Bonds the best choice for bail in Wagoner, OK? We care about you! One of our licensed Wagoner bail bond agents is always ready to help. Give an Okie agent a call anytime, 24/7.

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Wagoner Bail Bonds by Okie Bail. A Wagoner, Oklahoma Bondsman is available anytime day or night. Get started online and save time with a quick bail application or give us a call. Okie Bail Bonds treats you like family!

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Save on all Wagoner bail bonds with a qualified cosigner. The Okie Bail team of licensed Wagoner bondsmen wants to EARN your business. Let OKIE Bail Bonds save you time and treat you like family. Contact Jessica Coffelt to learn more about the Okie Bail Bonds Lowest Price Promise. Looking for a bondsman in Muskogee, Wagoner or Tahlequah? We want to help.

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Super simple NO INTEREST bail bond financing with low down payments. Ask your Wagoner bondsman.

Wagoner Oklahoma Court Questions

Answers to Your Court Questions

The court system can be confusing and even backwards at time. Questions? Okie Bail has answers.

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Simple walk-thru process in Wagoner and all other surrounding counties. Let Okie Bail make it easy!

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Cash or Credit Bail Statewide

Ask about our guaranteed low price bail premium when you pay in full. It’s the Okie Lowest Price Promise.


When posting bail for a friend or loved one, sometimes the most stressful part of the process is worrying how you’re going to pay for their release. Limited resources should not determine whether your loved one must remain in custody. One of OKIE Bail Bonds’ founding principles was the idea that individuals should be able to work out easier payment options to facilitate a release from jail. Let Okie Bail simplify the bail bond process.

Call Anytime. For bail in Muskogee, Wagoner, Tahlequah, Call or Start An Online Bail Bond ApplicationOkie Bail Bonds of Wagoner wants to be your bondsman anywhere in Oklahoma! 

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Our Wagoner Bail Bonds office strives to provide the best service possible. When someone your care about is stuck in jail, we can help. Our agents will do what they can to help make the bail process a bit simpler. Please don’t hesitate to call. We want to be your first choice for friendly bail bond service anywhere in Oklahoma. Let Okie Bail Bonds of Wagoner be your bondsman anytime, day or night.